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Well…I woke up 2 hours earlier than necessary with the random thought about a 6am meeting I scheduled for next week and forgot to add to my calendar. The problem…I’m not sure if this meeting was scheduled in a dream or reality. I remember thinking that this early meeting worked perfectly around my field placement and that it wasn’t a big deal waking up a little earlier because I’ve had to do much worse. All true. I was definitely talking to the right professor in his office, something that never happens for me in dreams. There’s usually some obviously wrong characteristic to help me out. But I don’t remember what the meeting is supposed to be about. And it really doesn’t seem logical that I would have a meeting at 6am. Especially for this class. But it is still technical possible. Basically, the fact that the meeting is at a weird time and that I don’t remember the exact purpose are the only clues I have that this was a dream. And that isn’t a lot to work with.

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